Waianuhea Bed & Breakfast – A Hawaiian Luxurious Retreat

The big island of Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for many, and not without reason. It offers a great getaway and a peaceful retreat in a tropical paradise. It is not surprising, therefore that if you were to randomly ask a person to name a destination where they would love to spend their vacation, Hawaii would be at the top of the list. Part of the big island’s allure is that it provides a variety of offerings for people from all walks of life. This means that you are guaranteed to find something tailored to your needs. That said, if you’re planning a romantic getaway, honeymoon, Hawaiian wedding, business meeting, or anniversary Waianuhea is an excellent luxurious option. Waianuhea is a luxurious, soothing, and peaceful Hawaii bed and breakfast. It is located to the north of Honokaa in the beautiful Ahualoa. The bed and breakfasts lodging integrates sumptuous furnishings, modern convenience, and a sense of remote retreat. It features five beautiful rooms for the discriminating traveller: one full suite featuring a unique spacious soaking tub in the king room baths, 2 queen bedrooms, and 2 spacious king bedrooms. Wood stoves and gas compliment the three bigger rooms. Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast is most famous for its off-grid location suitable for privacy, as well as the various amenities available, including a spa tub.

Founded by Carol Salisbury, Waianuhea is a magical B&B based in an off-grid location in Honokaa. The establishment is a 4 star B&B close to Waipio Valley Lookout, and Hiilawe Waterfall. Its off-grid location makes the b&b an ideal getaway destination with lots of privacy. Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast is a classic example of why rural life does not have to be boring. Although the establishment is located in a rural region, it brims with nothing but elegance and class. It features various conveniences that you wouldn’t expect to find in a rural area.

There are many things that the Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast has to offer such as great hospitality, beautiful views of the surrounding mountain and ocean, not forgetting the very generous and delicious meals. The overall design of the establishment from the stairs, to the interior decor, to the landscape, is well thought of with the comfort of the guests in mind. This makes Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast a joy to spend your getaway.

Carol Salisbury’s taste in decor is eclectic and works very well in the space. They are colourful and ultra-modern plastic chairs, wooden spiral staircases that lead to a massage room featuring a stunning lava rock wall, Stone Buddhaas in a couple of places, and near the kitchen hangs a huge man’s mural profile. Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast provides guests with off-grid elegance while maintaining modern conveniences. As an off-grid establishment, Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast’s energy and water sources are directly converted from nature in the establishment’s environs. For example, the electricity is obtained from the sun through the use of a photovoltaic solar electric system. The water used is harvested from rain. The rainwater is caught on the roof and then drained into a tank where it is filtered, and UV sterilized. Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast also aims to be sustainable.